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$10.00 Price per Share

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Food & Beverage

Master Foods Lab is a contract manufacturer providing the brands of tomorrow with clean label functional snacks. We specialize in gluten-free, low sugar, high protein, keto, and vegan snack categories. We pride ourselves on creating recipes that taste like homemade snacks utilizing high quality ingredients.

Key Services

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Recipe Research & Development

Our expert-led Research & Development team will work with you to create a recipe for your product. It doesn't just start in the kitchen, we...

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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing allows you to lean on a manufacturing plant and team to innovate, create, and produce a product for you and your brand. We...

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Product Launch Roadmap

Whether you are a seasoned professional at launching products or this is your first product launch, we will be right by your side every step...


Reasons to Invest

  • The Health Snack market has experienced rapid growth since COVID, expected to reach $108.11 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 4.2%. (Source)
  • Since our launch, we’ve grown at a rate of over 230+%, from our first month with a revenue of 20K to our highest months with a revenue of nearly 200K.
  • Demand for our product far exceeds our current production capacity and we are ready to scale, with 5 new multi-million dollar brands eagerly waiting for our products.

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$5,000+ Investment

$5,000+ Receive 5% bonus shares

$5,000+ Investment

$5,000+ Receive 5% bonus shares


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Supplying the Snack Market with Healthy and Delicious Products

As a contract manufacturer, we supply the snack brands you know and love with their products using the healthiest and tastiest recipes on the market.

Health based products have been on high demand for years, but the pandemic accelerated the importance of nutrition to living a healthy lifestyle. Since our launch a year ago, our demand has grown so much that it now far outweighs our current capacity.

We are excited about providing our brands with new innovation as we expand. We currently work with nationally and internationally recognized brands like 321glo, Bowmar Nutrition, MyProtein, NoBaked Cookie Dough and more. In order to meet our demand, we are looking to improve our operations with new machinery and automation to increase daily production output and reduce costs, as well as new personnel to handle more customers.


Demand for Healthy Snacks Has Never Been Higher

Consumers have had to sacrifice taste for health for many years. There are not enough choices for great tasting, low calorie, low sugar, high protein, and other added benefit snacks readily available.

The snack industry is currently filled with marketing plays on snacks that add no real health benefit and claim to be healthy. Big brand products claim to have protein or fiber, yet they are high in sugar and calories and use ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

At the same time, 37% of consumers are seeking out more better-for-you snack options than before the pandemic. (Source)

In a recent industry study of 7,000 consumers spanning four generations (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers), it found that 56% of consumers read ingredient lists, and 51% say that quality of ingredients is an important factor in choosing healthy products. (Source)

We believe consumers can have their cake and eat it too with snack options that are both healthy and delicious.



Manufacturing Healthy Snacks that Taste Homemade

Since our launch, we have developed innovative recipes that we hold securely and can only be purchased by brands through a 5 year manufacturing term with our company.


We have a business model similar to large scale contract manufacturers, but what makes us unique is our ability to create products that taste like they are homemade, with clean ingredient labels and real health benefits.

Over the past 12 years, our CEO Michael Alfaro has built key relationships in the health and wellness field, giving Master Food Labs a strong network and direct access to major brands. I spent the last 15 years building fitness centers, a live streaming video platform for influencers and a sports nutrition line which allowed me to meet CEOs of multiple nutrition brands, owners of gym chains, fitness influencers, investment groups, and more. Through those years in the health and wellness industry I have created many relationships which I can lean on for Master Foods Lab. Whether that is getting in contact with the CEO of a sports nutrition line or a distributor in the middle east, I have built an extensive network that we will lean on.

We are in discussions with 4-5 of the key customers which we’d like to supply, providing a jump in growth potential and securing a diversified portfolio. By providing even just a few new brands with different products, we can increase the overall enterprise value of our diversified and growing company in the health food sector.


Supplying a Growing, Multi-Billion Industry

The overall snack market was valued at $427.02 billion in 2020 with an estimated CAGR of 3.37%. (Source) The Health Snack market alone is expected to reach $108.11 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 4.2%. (Source)

In particular, Sports Nutrition brands are turning to functional foods to add newfound growth to their brands. The Global Sports Nutrition industry was valued at $40 billion in 2021 with an estimated 8.5% CAGR from 2022-2030. (Source)



Enthusiasm for Our Products

When we launched in 2021, we started with one brand averaging 3,000 units produced per day. Within 4 months, we had onboarded two new brands, increasing our monthly sales and increasing our daily output to 7,500 units.

In the last 12 months, we’ve grown by over 230+%, from 20K revenue in Month 1 to close to 200K in our highest months.

Our customers are seeing newgrowth with our snacks, giving them the confidence to invest in further expanding their snack line. When a brand hits the market with our products, they stir up industry buzz asking about their new manufacturer, building us a natural pipeline for new customers.

As we approached the end of our first year in business, we hit our capacity at what we were able to produce daily (10,000 units) . We are currently in R&D stages with a few key brands that will need our daily capacity to double before we can bring them on.


Raising the Standard of Snack Manufacturing

Our vision is to help people achieve their highest level of self by providing the brands of tomorrow with innovative, clean label, functional snacks.

As we grow, we envision ourselves as an established manufacturer servicing great brands across 4-5 product offerings in our state-of-the-art facility while providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

We are setting a new standard for healthy snacks in an industry that continues to grow.. Consumers are searching for healthier alternatives and brands are looking to increase their offerings while adding new revenue generating products to their line. We are perfectly positioned and have already established a name in the industry as a premium manufacturer of healthy snacks.

The time is now to scale and solidify our position in this growing market.

Invest 1
Invest 2
T 1

Our Company Launches!

We officially start to produce products for customers and get feedback from industry leaders.

January 2021
T 3

Spreads are introduced

High protein nut butter spreads are created and added to our manufacturing lineup.

March 2021
T 5


Industry takes notice of our products and capabilities and interested companies start engaging us to create them a product.

July 2021
T 7

Launched on StartEngine

Now YOU can own a part of our company!

March 2022
T 9

Expand offerings

Add a new product category to our line up of cookies, brownies, and spreads. Cupcakes and Muffins to be exact!

Q4 2022
T 2

First Customer is established

Locked in our first customer while successfully creating a masterpiece.

February 2021
T 4

Collagen Brownie is created

Our famous collagen brownie is created and ready to go into manufacturing.

May 2021
T 6

Time to scale to meet demand

The rapid increase in customer demand forced us to look outside for growth capital. We are perfectly positioned to scale and the time is now while the functional foods industry is growing rapidly.

Q4 2021
T 8

Increase production capacity

Investments will be made to purchase necessary equipment to 3x our current production capabilities and onboard new customers.

Q2/Q3 2022
T 10

New Facility Expansion

By this time we would outgrow our current facility and need a larger scale production facility to handle our day to day business as well as growing team.

Q1/Q2 2023

Meet Our Team

Offering Summary

Company: Master Food Lab LLC
Corporate Address: 7287 NW 78th Terrace, Medley, FL 33166
Offering Minimum: $10,000.00
Offering Maximum: $1,069,990.00
Minimum Investment Amount: (per investor) $150.00


Offering Type: Equity
Security Name: Common Units
Minimum Number of Shares Offered: 1,000
Maximum Number of Shares Offered: 106,999
Price per Share: $10.00
Pre-Money Valuation: $10,000,000.00