Contract Manufacturing

Innovation in Functional Snacks

Contract Manufacturing allows you to lean on a manufacturing plant and team to innovate, create, and produce a product for you and your brand. We believe there is so much more to Contract Manufacturing than simply creating a product for a brand. 

We know what it takes to see a gap in the market, raise the capital needed, pitch talented individuals to join you, develop your branding, align on the target demo, and finally land on the product that you feel will change the game. This simply outlines the importance of selecting the right manufacturing partner who sees your vision, believes in it, and is willing to support you in every way possible to ensure your dream becomes a success. 

Long-Term Vision

We like to treat our customers as partners. Partners aren't in it for the quick buck, they are vested to ensure the brand, it's customers, and all retail touch points have a unique, great tasting product they are excited about. That is why we get to know all customers and their brands before choosing who we manufacture for. 

Come to us with a vision and together we will brainstorm on innovative game changing snacks that will turn customers into raving fans!

Launching a New Product

  • Fill out the new customer form
  • Our team will schedule a Intro call
  • Determine which product and initial flavors
  • R & D starts (Fee may apply)
  • 2 Rounds of Samples included in R&D Fee. 
  • Approved samples get quoted and Initial PO sent 
  • Deposit received
  • Dieline for film and box sent for design work
  • Samples sent to lab for COA and Shelf Life
  • Film and Boxes received
  • Production set on schedule
  • Production complete and scheduled for pick-up