The perfect bite has finally arrived.

Brownies are suppose to be moist, fudgy, and delicious. We tested hundreds of batches to create the perfect flour and protein blend ratios. Custom flavor systems across Brownies and Blondies.

High Protein + Low Sugar

We've all tried those early protein snacks that tasted like protein powder with a hint of flavor. We aim to deliver snacks that taste homemade while hitting amazing nutritional values.

Quality Ingredients

It's not enough to have a great tasting snack nowadays. People are looking for some better-for-you options that provide real health benefits. We are constantly researching and testing the latest functional ingredients.


When baking gluten-free products all ingredients need to come together perfectly. We create custom flour blends that include Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Rolled Oats, Rice Flour and more.


Soft & Chewy Cookies truly are something special. We cream the perfect base to ensure our Cookies are the perfect texture, flavor, and appearance. We grind our oats in-house and match with premium ingredients.


We can do regular style cookies but our specialty is gluten-free. Our custom flour base is made with rolled oats, rice flour, almond flour, and more gluten-free ingredients.

Soft-Baked & Chewy

Perfecting the Soft & Chewy Cookie is a constant pursuit of excellence. It becomes a bit more complex when you add protein, minimal sugar, and functional ingredients but that's where we shine!

Small or Large

Whether you are looking for a bag of mini cookies or a single large format cookie, we've got you covered. Soft or Crispy, you decide.


Whether you are looking for original rice crispies or complex flavor profiles like fluffernutter, Oreo, or Lucky Charms we have developed recipes to wow your tastebuds. 

Sugar Free Marshmallows

We source sugar-free marshmallows from a candy manufacturer to ensure this treat is as close to the original as possible. We think ours might taste better!

Protein Crisps

Instead of rice crispy cereal we use protein crisps either from whey, soy, or pea delivering a 60-80% protein content across the entire product.

Functional Benefits

We have created recipes that include collagen, probiotics, fiber, carb sources, and more. From classic Vanilla to a Chocolate Rice Crispy and beyond.

Nut Butters

we take your favorite nut base and give it an upgrade.

Freshly Churned Nuts

We grind and source our nuts from one of the largest suppliers of nuts in the world. Giving us access to quality and hard to find ingredients.

Amazing Taste Profiles

Nut Butters don't have to be boring. Let's get creative if you can imagine it we can create it.

From 6oz to 16oz Jar Sizes

Looking to tease with a 6oz, savor a 12oz or indulge with a 16oz, we can make it happen.

It's all in the

Who doesn't love eating cookie dough? we've leveled it up by making it safe to eat, low sugar, and high protein. or you decide but be ready to be impressed.

Safe to eat

Most think its the eggs but the truth is eating raw cookie dough is all about the flour. Untreated flour creates bacteria and can get you sick. We source heat treated flour to ensure its safe.

Allergen Free

Free of eggs, dairy (depending on recipe), and tree nuts.

From 6oz to 16oz Jar Sizes

Looking to tease with a 6oz, savor a 12oz or indulge with a 16oz, we can make it happen.